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Why the Sahariyas?

The mystery behind some of TB’s most frequent victims.

Bringing Fathers on Board

Effecting attitudinal changes towards gender equality can result in positive reproductive health outcomes, especially where men are the primary decision makers.

Bridges for Barriers in Adolescent Health

Is adolescent health programming ignoring adolescent voices, or are adolescents (and their representatives) not seeing the big picture? Building bridges between old and new may be the answer.

What will it take to assist our doctors?

We need to make India's public health sector a better place to work if we want to achieve our health goals.

Tech innovations to #EndTB —which one should we use?

It’s important to think of technology as an enabler, not a solution. What tech can’t do is replace the role of human contact in reaching out to, sensitising, and supporting those struggling with the disease and its effects. What technology must aim for is patient empowerment.

What’s the point of MEL?

Three reasons to keep pursuing data-driven approaches in public health     Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning—abbreviated as M&E, MEL, MLE or MEaL—is the key tool of a movement to bring transparency and accountability into projects in the development sector. In this era of evidence-based-everything, the usefulness of data to inform, justify and audit programmes is…