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Hunger and a woman’s right to health: A Gordian Knot

        Today, 28th May, is World Hunger Day and is also the International Day for Action for Women’s Health. The World Hunger Day calls for a holistic development approach — one that includes peace building, social harmony, human rights and good governance — to ensure the empowerment of people living in hunger…

SBCC: Old wine or a new spirit!

We know that merely informing people of good practices - for instance related to immunisation, family planning, nutrition for pregnant and lactating women (the list is endless) - does not necessarily drive the adoption of good practices.

A Plate Half Empty

Any shortfall in nutrition, associated as it is with morbidity, mortality and disability, learning and intellectual ability, economic productivity, and reproductive health, severely impacts the well-being of individuals and their families, across generations.

Harmonising Health in the Workplace

A strong multi-stakeholder collaboration ensures workers' health and well-being