Invest for Wellness (i4we)

What Role does Gender Play in Anemia?

We know women suffer from anaemia more often. But why?

i4We: Unlocking Primary Healthcare Value

Can a system innovation in primary healthcare bring wellness to the poor, and go on to break the cycle of ill-health and the poverty?

Bringing Fathers on Board

Effecting attitudinal changes towards gender equality can result in positive reproductive health outcomes, especially where men are the primary decision makers.

Let’s stop losing lives to avoidable illnesses

A community-based, preventive-promotive health intervention can ensure better health of tea garden workers.

Neat around, clean surround: moving towards my dream village

The monsoons are celebrated across India, especially in the north as they bring the much needed relief from the summer heat. But several village communities, such as Mohammad...

The UK-India CSR Awards in May 2017

Nominated Swasti Health Catalyst’s i4We model as one of the top five standout CSR projects.