Life Skills for All

Harmonising Health in the Workplace

A strong multi-stakeholder collaboration ensures workers' health and well-being

Life Skills: Improving lives of single working women

As I drove down the mountains in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, watching the sunrise, I wondered what the day had in store for me. I was on my way to Tirupur to interview women from the garment factories...

The search for identity: Our non-binary and binary selves

A label can give a sense of security and belonging. You feel connected to a group, less lonely and confused. If you label yourself as a homosexual, then you mark yourself as someone not attracted to the other sex. But what if this self

Free to Learn: A Case for Outbound Training Approach

They say learning is no spectator sport. They also say all learning has an emotional basis. How far does this hold true? What value addtion does the unconventional training methodology offer?

Our lives are not as strong as the threads we weave…

45 million people are employed in the textile industry within India and of that approximately 60% are women. Have you ever thought about how the people who stitch the clothes we wear live their everyday lives?