Going beyond appearances

Shama writes how running helps growing and protecting her brain

When maturity’s the right attitude…

Bhavani is perhaps the youngest Programme Manager in India. Read more about her here.

What Google search cannot answer?

Swasti Health Catalyst founder Shiv Kumar unpacks the complexities of 'NGOs'.

WHO SEARO partnered with Swasti

WHO SEARO partnered with us to design strategies to end communicable diseases...

Meet my tribe, women changing the world!

Born into a family that’s largely men – father and two brothers, I was always told to dream as much and as high as I want to. With my father away for close to 20 years, working in the Middle East, my mother brought us up single handedly. And I grew up seeing that. She…

Swasti awarded Special Consultative Status by UNECOSOC

The membership enables Swasti to inform global policy based on our work with our partners in the community.

The Digital Empowerment Foundation

The Digital Empowerment Foundation, in February 2017, recognised our work on the Taaras App.

Swasti and i-calQ won the Villgro award

Swasti and i-calQ (Salt Lake City, USA) won the Villgro award, in November 2015...