At Swasti Health Catalyst, you will co-create solutions to some of the most critical challenges affecting the poor.

To apply for any of these positions, please email your CV to

We build leaders for the public health sector. You can be from any discipline or background as long as you are committed to social change, have initiative and leadership. Your team will be diverse, talented and passionate. We have fun while changing the world and celebrate our successes together. When you are with Swasti, you are part of the Catalyst Group, and new doors to growth will open continuously. Join us to craft your leadership story.

Technical Specialist

As a Technical Specialist, you will be part of all activities necessary to operate one or more social public health programmes. You will be part of teams implementing and executing a variety of challenging assignments within or outside India. The role requires motivation, cooperation and willingness to work overtime during strict deadlines. While working and traveling together, it is important that you make a positive contribution to the team and are instrumental in reaching goals and milestones.

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