Alliances for
healthy days

Lindex partnered with Swasti in the year 2019 to implement the WE Women program within its India supply chain. The program is part of Lindex’s long-term plan to achieve gender equality among its vendor factories, and thereby, the workforce.

All the supplier factories have dedicated human resource teams leading and implementing the program. These teams underwent training on the WE Women modules. They also devised factory-wise gender action plans and operational strategies.

Because Lindex recognises and acknowledges the differential needs of women at the workplace, it took cognisance of the fact that the pandemic has further deepened the gender divide, both at the societal level and specifically, at workplaces.

During the pandemic, since the factories were managing various challenges of business and workforce, women supportive strategies and gender inclusive business practices were prioritized. Discussion on the same with the factories’ top management through various platforms (meetings, trainings etc.) was helpful to ensure that gender equality remains an important part of their agendas.