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Swasti is a Health Catalyst whose mission is to support and enable vulnerable peoples and communities, to have and make the right choices to lead healthy lives. This also means supporting change agents to embody this mission, and thus reach more communities together.

As we researched and built this database, we learnt invaluable lessons and stories that are worth sharing with the global health community at large. The focus of these lessons here is to show what works where, how, why, and towards what. The goal is to inspire readers to take these learnings, and their own, from these stories to implement in their own practice and communities.

The solutions are presented in any one of the 4 formats:

  • Impact evaluations are focused on a single intervention and its impact
  • Reviews - narrative reviews, systematic reviews
  • Models are comprehensive primary healthcare models for identified communities
  • Case stories created from interviews of creators of promising PHC models and innovations from the field
Adoption and Usage of mHealth Technology on Quality and Experience of Care Provided by Frontline Workers: Observations From Rural India (2015)

Kaphle et al.

Service Delivery Methods | Healthcare Providers | Impact Evaluations
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Effectiveness of onsite nurse mentoring in improving quality of institutional births in the primary health centres of high priority districts of Karnataka, South India: a cluster randomized trial (2016)

Jayanna et al.

Workforce | Pregnant women and newborns | Impact Evaluations
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