Alliances for
healthy days

SBI Foundation’s partnership with Swasti has led to the implementation of projects such as community-based testing for COVID-19.

We rolled out a community-based testing initiative for COVID-19 in an urban slum in Mumbai, India. The purpose of this initiative was early identification of COVID-19 through intensive community surveillance, quick testing (through a diagnostic center established for easy access) and immediate treatment. 

Up to 14,000 tests were conducted among low-income, high-risk populations in Mumbai in a span of 8 months.

Our model used a combination of community workers, community champions and mobile screening/ sampling kiosks to reach individuals in potential hotspots. Besides COVID-19, people also received support towards managing other primary healthcare issues.

The team undertook door-to-door awareness interactions with the community's beneficiaries. They involved the mohalla committee, religious groups, self-help groups, anganwadi centers, local NGOs and community leaders, to gain cooperation.

Also, counselors undertook counseling sessions repeatedly to educate patients about COVID-19 and explain the necessary protocols they ought to follow during their quarantine period.

Not only did our partnership result in the setting up of a first-of-its-kind COVID-19 testing lab, it successfully reached over 1 lakh people living in and around the slum.