Gender Based
Violence Database

Name of the service Service Provider Type(s) of service Type of agency Summary of service Provider Primary Contact
Swathi Naya Sanjeevni Swathi Mahila Sangha Burn victims from poor families NGO Agni Rakhsa provides no-cost surgeries for burn victims . In addition to this, they are provided post surgical care and acute care, a bi-weekly OPD , regular dressings and physiotherapy for the burn victims. With a focus on urban poor, Agni Suraksha works in various slums of Bangalore. It networks with several stakeholders in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. These include major hospitals, (both Government and Private) private clinics, youth groups in schools and colleges, elected public representatives, police personnel and community based organizations (CBOs) . Ms. Chitra Dhananjay +91 98860 66360
Agni Raksha Agni Raksha Burn victims from poor families NGO Agni Rakhsa provides no-cost surgeries for burn victims . In addition to this, they are provided post surgical care and acute care, a bi-weekly OPD , regular dressings and physiotherapy for the burn victims. With a focus on urban poor, Agni Suraksha works in various slums of Bangalore. It networks with several stakeholders in urban, peri-urban and rural areas. These include major hospitals, (both Government and Private) private clinics, youth groups in schools and colleges, elected public representatives, police personnel and community based organizations (CBOs) . Ms. Chitra Dhananjay +91 98860 66360
Aina Trust - Bangalore Aina Trust - Bangalore Child welfare, Disadvantaged communities, Education, Human Rights, Training, Women's issues NGO Aina Trust aims at organising women and men from the unorganised sector to prioritize their issue as workers and as women, to build their economic base, to enable their voices to be heard in the proper forms and to seek justice and to offer education, opportunities for children especially girl children, and pave way for experiencing their childhood. Mary Chelladurai 1487B LNR Garden Karian Apalaya, St. Thomas Town Post, Bangalore - 560084 Tel: 5465061 Email:
Anchorage Anchorage Women empowerment, education, children. NGO Formed in July 2000, Anchorage focuses on the areas of gender empowerment, information technology for development, poverty alleviation, consultation for CSR services, education,and environment etc. Anchorage aims to add immense value to these fields of involvement through two-pronged approach-empowerment and enhancement. Surbhi Sharma Tel : 91-80-41254962 Email :
Angala Vimochana Dowry Harassment • Physical Violence • Mental/Emotional Violence • Sexual Violence • Elderly Abuse • Marital Disputes • Live-in relationship abuse • Economic Violence • Violence against deserted women • Violence against widows • Rights of minor girls eloped in love relationships and unwed mothers. Non government organization A network of organisations, feminist groups, human rights groups across act as facilitators to provide the following services apart from conflict resolution and psychological care:- • Economic Security • Children’s Security • Social Security • Educational Security for Children • Livelihood Provision • Shelter for those homeless (91)-80-25492781, 25492782
Anjana Mahila Seva Samaj Anjana Mahila Seva Samaj Legal aid NGO Anjana Mahila Seva samaj focuses on providing legal aid to wimen in distress. Aprt from this, they also provide counselling to cope up with the stress of violence. Furthermore, the organisation connects the victims with the police and ensures follow up to command action. It functions only on Saturdays # 554, IX Main ‘B’ Road, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore. Tel. 080-8462132
Awake Counseling Center National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) Counseling, trauma counseling and psycho social support in a hospital set up/mental health facility for victims of DV and IPVd Government Research & Care Institute A counseling clinic that de-stigmatizes the need to seek mental aid services. It pays due attention to the gendered aspect of therapeutic counseling. Each case is handled uniquely and it guarantees confidentiality and anonymity of the victim. These services are tailor made based on a case basis Dr Vranda M. N, Assistant Professor, Department Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, In Charge, Awake Counseling Center (91)-80-25521342, 26561713
Bisexual & Transgender Helpline CBO (91)-9980409584, 9980305918
BMTC Women safety initiative Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Harassment of women in buses. Government BMTC has set up a committee to ensure the safety of women travelling in buses. They work with various stakeholders such as NGO's, police, DWCD etc. CCTV cameras have been installed in 500 buses. 25000+ drivers and conductors were trained regarding harassment ofemale passengers.
BSAFE BPAC Prevention of violence Emergency response mechanism Safeguard women and child rights NGO-Corporate B.SAFE is a safety initiative that aims at addressing increasing crimes against women and children in metros. The initiative engages all the relevant stakeholders to advocate the rights of women and children , and also focuses on sensitising the enabling environment. The initiaive has has two expert groups, one on Child safety and the other on Women safety. These groups identify and implement plans to help prevent violence, emergency response mechanism and in nderstanding the judicial redressal system in case of an untoward incident. The various activities include awareness campaigns, gender sensitisation, and educating people on various legal aspect with regard to women and child safety etc. B.SAFE works closely with key stakeholders such as the government, police and other organisations working in this space.
Department Of Welfare Of Disabled Government (91)-80-22860907, 22866046
Hengasara Hakkina Sangha (HHS) Hengasara Hakkina Sangha (HHS) Training, Adovacy, Research Women's rights organisation Hengasara Hakkina Sangha was established with the aim of providing legal education and rights orientation for the underpriveleged. The team strongly believed that legal education is a major component towards women empowerment. A legal rights program for women in Karnataka was then started and over time HHS became a rights education program working with the police, judiciary, banks and media on gender rights issues along with rural women’s collectives. HHS conducts training to build capacities of women’s collectives, institutional actors and to create a resource pool of trainers on gender and law Indhu Subramaniam Associate Editor 080 2663 9884
INSA India INSA India Child protection, counselling, workshops for gender equity, workplace policies NGO It was established in 1982 with support from Global Health Action, USA. INSA India looks at advocacy for strengthening legal and support systems for child protection and survival
Manasa South India Cell For Human Rights (SICHREM) education, sensitization and intervention, women rights, e rights of the child, rights of the dalits and tribals and the rights of other minority communities NGO Concerned citizens, who were involved with the civil liberties movement earlier, started SICHREM in 1995, as a response to the growing insensitivity to the rule of law. The founders reconed that to address this need for building a responsible civil society would be through a process of education, sensitization and intervention. Hence education and monitoring have been identified as the main thrust of the program. (91)-80-25473922, +(91)-9449816942 Hennur Main Road, Lingarajapuram
N/A Karnataka State commision for Women (State Secretory directed to Legal advisor) Provides legal counsel, appropiate suggestion/advice of where the victims can seek further help/support and justice, scheme for relief and rehabilitattion of acid attack victims Government Protection officers (WCD) work with the victims for 'enquiry' and report to the commission. Most of the cases get resolved at the PO level. Only when required legal and family level counselling are provided by the WC. FIR is registered in such cases and protection is sought through the District Commissioner's Office. There is also a help desk officer in all family courts across Karnataka where legal awareness and correct legal information is provided. Acid scheme: a compensation for acid attack victims up to 3 laksh rupees is offered to the victim. by WC. WC got this pass through central government through special request. Sexual harrassment at workplace: Anyone can complain to WC, in turn WC will write to the sexual harrassment commitee within a 15 days time period to take action. 1st-4th Floor, Multi-Storeyed Building, 5th Phase, Dr BR Ambedkar Veedhi, Near Vidhana Soudha Bangalore, Karnataka 080 2239 2203
N/A Karntaka State Human Rights Commission Enquire/review Any violation of human rights; promote research and encourage NGO & institutions to work on Human rights Government Following are the functions: Inquire suo-motu or on a petition presented to it by a victim or any person on his behalf, into complaint of Violation of human rights or abetment thereof, or Negligence in the prevention of such violation, by a public servant. Intervene in any proceeding involving any allegation of violation of human rights pending before the court, with the approval of such court Visit, under intimation to the State Government, any jail or any other institution under the control of the State Government, where persons are detained or lodged for purposes of treatment, reformation or protection, to study the living conditions of the inmates and make recommendations thereon Review the safeguard provided by or under the Constitution or any law for the time being in force for the protection of human rights and recommend measures for their effective implementation Review the factors including the act of terrorism that inhibit the enjoyment of human rights and recommend appropriate remedial measures Undertake and promote research in the field of human rights Spread human rights literacy among various sections of the society and promote awareness of safeguards available for the protection, media, seminar and other available means Encourage the efforts of non-governmental organizations and institutions working in the field of human rights; and Such other functions as it may consider necessary for the promotion of human rights.T Complaint form:
N/A Swasti Health Resource Centre Mapping, reserch documentation, planning, advocacy and implementation of projects and programs on Gender Based Violence, Sexual and Reprodcutive Health Rights, HIV Prevention, Social Protection, Life Skill for All, Water Sanitatation and Hygiene NGO Swasti's key work includes planning and advocacy for a safe city intervention, developing women’s safety and security through life skills education program for women garment workers across India and Asia; building capacities of NGO, corporate and factory level human resource on life skills that enhance gender equality, establishing and running a crisis response mechanism for female sex workers which is recognized as a global model on HIV prevention and conducting studies on disaster response along with its sister concerns Catalyst Management Services (CMS) and Vrutti, a livelihood resource centre.
N/A Enfold Capacity Building, counselling, advocacy and justice pathways against Child sexual abuse NGO Enfold takes part in drafting policies for prevention of sexual harassment and child sexual abuse. They also provide counselling support for students using trained counsellors. There are various training programmes for teachers, parents and administrative staff to understand the physical, emotional and psycho-sexual development of adolescents.
NIMHANS -mental health & counselling Government (91)-80-25521342, 26561713
Ready to Report AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA Advocacy on sexual violence cases NGO
Safyty Women safety products & self defence Personal protection products for women Company Markets and sells a number of products that promotes women safety ( stun guns, pepper-spray, alarms and also conducts self defense workshops) Ms. Shruti Kapoor
Samara Samara HIV-AIDS Prevention Community based organization Samara is a community based organisation of sexual minorities and sexworkers. It focuses on implementimg HIV/AIDS prevention projects among sexual minorities in Bangalore city . They campaign for changes in the existing laws that discriminates against sexuality minorities, including sex workers and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA). They also focus on family members, friends, co-workers and partners of sexuality minorities Samara Society, Yashwanthpur, Bangalore- 560094, Karnataka, India.
Santwana Kendra Department of Women and Child Development, Bangalore, Karnataka Marital Disputes • Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence,dowry • Rape • Sexual assault • Physical/Mental abuse Government in partnership with NGO Santwana Kendra is easily accessible through phone. Some of the key features include:- • Availability of a social worker to address specific needs • 24*7 services including legal aid, shelter, counseling,vocational training etc. •NGO-GO partnership: It works closely with coordinating agencies such as government hospitals, police stations and swadhar centers. These services are also accessible using the kendras Mr. Soundaraj 9886164144 Ms. Meena (Counsellor) 9739204383
Save our neighbourhood Namma Bengaluru Foundation Mapping and advocacy NGO Namma Bengaluru Foundation is an organization working towards making Bengaluru a model city, be it in terms of well planned infrastructure, well laid out neighborhood community models, or its people-driven governance measures.
Senior citizen's Helpline Government (91)-80-22943225, 22864023
Shivashakthi Mahila Sangha CBO (91)-80-33030133
Snehadaan Sneha Charitable Trust- HIV treatment & counselling NGO (91)-80-28439516, +(91)-7353494503
Soukya St. John’s Research Institute and RTI International,in partnership with CEHAT, Mumbai and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Research institute in partnership with NGO & State Government BBMP partnered with St. John’s Medical College, in three zones, to screen women facing violence using their primary health infrastructure. The project includes Victoria Hospital, a government medical college and hospital, and it addresses violence against women using two methods. • In the first method, the hospital partners with Vimochana ( a women’s group) to treat, assist and help victims of burns. They also provide legal and psychosocial aid. • In the second method, judges and/or magistrates are given orientation on gender sensitivity such that they are better equipped to give judgements on issues such as gender discrimination and violence Dr Suneeta Krishnan, Project Head Dr N S Vishwanath, Project Coordinator +91-7829702122
Stree Shakti Department of Women and Child Development, Bangalore, Karnataka Micro-credit Government Stree Shakthi Groups are formed at the village level and promote savings behaviour among the women and financially empower them. Women members from below poverty line families, landless agricultural labourers, SC/ST women etc. join together to form these groups.. Stree Shakthi Groups are formed through Anaganwadi workers and taluk federations. Project Director (Stree Shakti) 080-22386153
Swathi Mahiha Sangha /Swathi Nyaya Sanjeevni CBO (91)-9343617172
Swathi Naya Sanjeevni Swathi Mahila Sangha Violence redressal Trafficking Harrasment Legal, medical and psycho- social counselling and support Community based organization Swathi Nyaya Sanjeevani aims at empowering the female sex workers by educating them on legal rights and equip them to defend themselves. It also sensitises the perpetrators of violence (such as police, criminals, pimps, and brokers in the sex working industry), on issues related to FSWs, and promotes awareness of women's rights among them. Swathi Nyaya Sanjeevani adopts various preventove measures to stop violence by working in volatile regions and forming violence watch committees for vigilant monitoring of warning signs SSJ Coordinator: + 91-9343617172
Trauma Recovery Clinic (TRC) National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) Comprehensive and specialised psychological support services for survivors of:- • Child sexual abuse, • Rape, • Domestic violence • Intimate partner violence . Government led Research & Care Institute Trauma Recovery Clinic (TRC) provides comprehensive and specialised psychological services for survivors of various forms of violence. It aims at providing them the right to lead a dignified life.Apart from the above mentioned services, it focuses on preventing the spread of interpersonal violence and various froms of trauma (victims of trauma due to sexual harassment at the workplace, traumatic bereavement, vicarious traumatizationamong children exposed to domestic violence, elder abuse, and secondary trauma) in the community. Furthermore, it aims at building capacities of key stakeholders to facilitate first level support and give appropriate referrals. • Dr. L. N. Suman, Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology,NIMHANS. • Dr. Veena Satyanarayana, Psychology, NIMHANS • Dr. Kavita Jangam, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatric Social NIMHANS. +(91)-80-25521342, 26561713
Ujjwala Kendra Department of Women and Child Development, Bangalore, Karnataka Prevention of trafficking and rescue, rehabilitation and re-integration of victims of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation Government partnership with NGOs The scheme is implemented through Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to provide services to victims rescued and placed in the Ujjawala centres and children’s homes. There are 33 Ujjawala centres in Karnataka. The departments of police, education, labour and health are key organizations involved in the scheme. Vidyaranya Education Development Society, Mandur, Virgonagar, Bangalore 560049
Vanita Sahayavani Helpline Government (91)-80-22943225, 22864023
Vanitha Sahayavani Parihar and Commissionerate of Police, BCP Rescue and Rehabilitation Government in partnership with NGO This service provides rescue and rehabillitation services for domestic violence cases such as physical Violence, mental Violence, sexual Violence and molestation. It operates from the Police Commissioner’s Office, thus giving it a sense of visibility, authority and credibility. Parihar, a NGO is responsible for implementing this service, in close co-ordination with the police department. Anadaswadha /shelter for women in distress is run by NGOs (List currently not available) Some of the key features of this service include • 24x7 Toll Free Helpline number ( 1091), supported by nine women police constables and seven rescue vehicles • It works in tandem with the Family Counseling Centre (FCC) and Makkala Sahayavani for children. In a nutshell, Vanitha Sahayavani a one-stop crisis center. DCP (Admin), Bangalore City Police Ms Rani Shetty, Coordinator, +91- 9845450256 1, Infantry Road, Infantry Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 Helpline : (91)-80-22943225, 22864023
Women Helpline Government
Women's voice Women's Voice • Domestic Violence • Intimate Partner Violence • Rape • Sexual assault • Financial assault • False theft cases NGO Since 1981-82, Women’s Voice works for women in slums through its units in Bangalore where women (at an annual membership fee of Rs 12 ) and elections held within each unit for nominations to the executive body that will steer reconciliation/counseling or provide free legal services/assist in filing of police report/health services.Works in 11 slum communities and presently 106 slum communities exist. One hundred and six Women’s Voice Units observe every Thursday as a grievance redress day. If the issue is not resolved within a unit they are referred to the central office in Banerghetta road. They function with one community organiser to cater to 10 units. From each unit, two women are selected to be part of the Women’s Voice Counsel and given training on DV Act and legal literacy. Dr. Ruth Manorama; Coordiantor Ms Shahataj,, +91 9141104319